IAMCP #WITsUP Awards 2018

Welcome to the inaugural year for the IAMCP Women in Technology (WIT) awards, where we recognize amazing people who support The WIT Network. We have launched 4 awards that recognize Leaders, Mentors, WIT Men and the WIT Chapter of the Year.

This is an opportunity for partners and WIT members to submit on their own or on behalf of a remarkable person to be recognized at the 2018 award ceremony at Inspire Las Vegas.

The WIT Community has grown tremendously, with almost 70 chapters worldwide. The support and best practices we hear about prompted us to create this new recognition award series.

Judges from around the world will select finalists and a winner in each of the four categories.

The #WITsUp Awards will be presented annually to provide high-profile recognition to each of the winners and finalists.

Submissions are now closed


Our 2018 #WITsUP Award Categories are:

  1. #WITsUP "Pay It Forward Mentor" Award
    • Awarded to a woman who believes mentoring, coaching and helping others succeed is at the core of her values. She has mentored several other women of all generations, both formally and informally. She has a strong following of admirers who have benefitted from her advice and council.
    • This woman has created great initiatives and/or programs that help women and/or young girls to discover their WIT calling. Because of her programs, the WIT community has benefitted immensely, showing tangible results.

  2. #WITsUP "Leadership" Award
    • Awarded to a woman who has shown tremendous leadership in the WIT community and/or within her own organization. Her accomplishments and actions speak loudly on her behalf. She has led WIT movements and progress in challenging environments, and persevered with the greater mission of diversity, inclusion and equality in mind.
    • She has inspired followership within the WIT Community and continues to be highly regarded as a true leader within the Microsoft WIT ecosystem.

  3. #WITsUP "Man of WIT" Award
    • WIT is all about diversity, inclusion and equality. Therefore, we want to recognize a male leader who has stepped up to make a difference for WIT. He has led by example in hiring, pay equity and having the conversation that makes a difference not only in his business but in the tech community. He believes in WIT and STEM initiatives for women and, more importantly, he takes action to make them happen.
    • The Man of WIT recipient is not afraid to discuss diversity publicly and leads by example in his own organization and industry.

  4. #WITsUP "WIT Chapter of the Year" Award
    • Recognizes the Chapter President and her team who have built and fostered a great WIT community. Whether they are giving back through fundraising, running wonderful local WIT events or spearheading programs that benefit the chapter, all are great advancements for WIT that could be celebrated.

Eligibility Criteria:

  • Must be a Microsoft partner
  • Must be a current IAMCP member
  • Must be attending Inspire 2018 in Las Vegas
  • Can be self-nominated or submitted on behalf of someone
  • Deadline for submission is Friday, June 15, 2018

Submissions are now closed



May 7th: #WITsUP submission period is open

June 11th: Final call for submission

June 15th: Submissions close 11:59PM PST

June 18th- June 29th: Judging period. International #WITsUP Awards Committee decisions.

July 3rd: Finalists notified.

July 4th: Formal invitations to award ceremony at Microsoft Inspire - Awards ordered

Press release activities: (every 2 weeks from now until Microsoft Inspire)

Week of July 16: Awards event in the Community Hub theatre (TIME) at Microsoft Inspire.


In order to be able to propose candidates, you will need to observe the following rules:

  • The nomination may not be conditional on obtaining specific benefits, either for the company or person nominating the candidate. No monetary or other incentive is to be made to the person nominating a candidate.
  • All nominations will be confidentially delivered to the judging committee.

International Committee Review and Selection

  • The selected International #WITsUP Award Judging Committee will review all submissions.
  • The International #WITsUP Award Judging Committee will select one (1) recipient from each of the four categories along with two (2) finalists. The committee will talk with Microsoft representatives from each region to validate information from the nominees.

Notification of Winners

  • Winners and Finalists will be notified prior to Inspire. The winner, however, will only be informed at the award ceremony.
  • An award ceremony will be planned during Microsoft Inspire.

We want to hear from you and celebrate your success at Inspire in Las Vegas!

Should you have any questions about this awards program, please contact officeiamcp@iamcp.ca

You must be an IAMCP member to participate. To join IAMCP, visit our website joiniamcp.org/