IAMCP Partner Awards July 2018

It’s time to step up and be recognized! IAMCP wants to hear your stories of innovative customer solutions and amazing partnerships. Submit now for this year’s IAMCP Awards.
It’s simple and straightforward to submit your story. Before the deadline of May 29th at midnight PST, answer these three questions in 140 words per question or less:

  • Who did you partner with and how did the partnership deliver value / help you win the deal?
  • What was the biggest benefit that the customer received from your partnership?
  • What did you learn that made you wiser and helped your organization become better – how have you matured in terms of your ability to partner as a result?

Submissions are now closed


What do we get if we win or make it as a finalist?

  • Winner or Finalist Logo – use on your website, LinkedIn profile, Pinpoint, business cards, email signature
  • Trophy – (winners only) awarded at Inspire
  • Press Release Template - with a quote from IAMCP International
  • Featured spotlight in the IAMCP newsletter – reach Microsoft and thousands of partners
  • Social media promotion of your win – be promoted across the Microsoft partner community
  • Inclusion in an eBook – all partners will be featured in an eBook that you can use for marketing
  • One year IAMCP membership (winners only)

Download the eBook
with the stories from our 2017 winners!


At Inspire in Las Vegas, IAMCP will announce one Global Winner, five Regional Winners (one from each of EMEA, APAC, LATAM, US, Canada) and five Regional Finalists (EMEA, APAC, LATAM, US, Canada).

Winning stories and companies will receive specialized marketing opportunities such as winner or finalist logos, press release templates, spotlight features and inclusion in an eBook.

We want to hear from you and celebrate your success at Inspire in Las Vegas!

Should you have any questions about this awards program, please contact officeiamcp@iamcp.ca

You must be an IAMCP member to participate. To join IAMCP, visit our website joiniamcp.org/


Publication of Entries

You are responsible for submitting only information that is completely true. The full text or an excerpt of your submission may be published on the IAMCP website, in an IAMCP newsletter or in an eBook after the final results are announced. You will be given the opportunity to redact any confidential or non-public information from your entries before publication. Your award submission becomes the property of IAMCP for marketing purposes.


Final Decision

In the event of a dispute as to the category in which an entry(s) will be judged, the decision of the judges will prevail. Judges may recommend that an entry be switched to a different category, and at their discretion IAMCP staff may change an entry’s category.